One - On - One PT


With one-on-one training you will receive the total and undivided attention of your trainer. An analysis of your current health and fitness will be carried out and a personalised program will be designed for you so that you can attain your health and fitness goals.  You will be taught new skills and techniques and be motivated to push yourself  towards your objective.  In addition to training, you will be given nutrition advice and other wellbeing solutions so that you may lead a happier and more satisfying life. 




1 session paid on the day - $60 per hour

10 sessions paid upfront - $55 per hour

20 sessions paid upfront - $50 per hour







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Pull-ups are one of the hardest bodyweight exercises which is why they are such an effective exercise.  With easy progressions, plenty of practice and a lot of determination, anyone can do them.  Start off by hanging from the bar and jumping up lightly to create momentum for your upper body to take over.