About Us

GeoFit’s philosophy of training draws heavily from the CrossFit style of training. We promote the constant variation of functional exercises performed at high intensity.  The result is a more rounded individual who sees quicker improvements in their performance (increased strength, speed, power etc); who is better prepared to face different tasks in training and in life; who will lose weight faster.


So what is functional training? 

Functional training involves exercises that emphasize the body’s natural ability to move in all directions. It is movement-based as opposed to muscular-based (such as with bodybuilding).

Functional training requires coordination and engagement from your entire body which means there is increased muscular activation and you are burning more energy.

Examples of what we do include running, carrying sandbags, flipping tyres, push-ups, squats, sit-ups, lifting weights, jumping, throwing medicine balls, dragging jerry cans,....and the list goes on.  These exercises promote adaptations in all of the components of fitness -

strength, speed, power, flexibility, agility, cardio and respiratory endurance, stamina, coordination, balance and accuracy.

The end result is not only will you look better, but far more importantly, you will perform better  You will perform better in your daily life whether that is at work, sport, playing with your family or dealing with unforseen emergencies.


Why do we like to train outdoors?

Modern society has made life easier for us and way too comfortable.  We spend most of our day inside an artificial cocoon called home or work. And of that time, most of it is spent seated – at the computer, watching TV, driving, studying...........

Generally speaking we have become a sedentary society where advances in technology ensure we have to move less and less.  And as a result, our health and fitness is declining.

GeoFit wants to get you back outdoors in nature, away from the incandescent lighting and air conditioned comforts of your cocoon. 

The different stimulus that nature has to offer – sunshine, rain, wind, cold, heat, hills, rocks and water all add a different dynamic to a workout and can further enhance the challenge of completing your training.  The positive adaptations your body makes will be greater, and these sometimes minor discomforts will make you mentally tougher.

Not only will you be physically stimulated, but also mentally and emotionally inspired.


Come and try a  at one of our group training workouts.  You will walk away from it knowing that your body has been worked, that you have had fun doing it, and you will feel inspired to continue.






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